Where do you draw the line?

  I’ve seen some recent posts about movies that Christians shouldn’t watch.  They raised a lot of discussions both for and against. Being in Africa, I haven’t seen or heard anything about these movies until the discussions began.  images (2)line

  But it made me think.  What are my standards? Where do I draw the line? What compromises am I willing to make? What things have I allowed to numb my spiritual senses?

  We all know that certain music, tv shows, and movies are sin.  Let me be blunt.  We know that as Christians we are to avoid the appearance of evil. We know that we are to avoid those who promote sin. We know that we are to think about certain things.  These choices of entertainment definitely go against God’s Word.

  You can give me all your excuses, but in the end you and I both know that they are sin.  There are other areas of our lives that are not so cut and dry–areas that seem grey. We know that Scriptures tell us not to cause our brother to stumble. Yet we do it all the time in the name of FREEDOM.

  Are you free to drink alcohol? Yes, but Scripture is clear about not getting drunk.  So we may enjoy a drink or two. Yet we have no concern for the new Christian in the restaurant who is recovering from Alcoholism. For that guy that came out of a sinful life where alcohol was very much a part of that old lifestyle. We ignore policies of organizations or institutions that say no alcohol.  We say we are free and we try to do it on the sly.  But in the end, is it worth it?  Even if you never get caught, was it worth the risk of hurting a brother or being seen as a hypocrite?

  What about the movies you watch? We rarely look at the ratings anymore unless it is for our kids.  We just ignore the sex scenes or horrible language and lifestyle choices in the entertainment we watch and listen to.  Once I had a standard. I limited my tv time and reading material and music. Now, I just don’t care.  I am numbing the Spirit. I have too many Christian friends that do it, so why not. I don’t have anyone to judge me. So why not?

  Would you walk out of a theatre? Would you ask someone to change the channel/station?  Would you delete music files?  Would you turn off a show?  Would you throw away the thing that hinders others? Would you change your clothing so as not to offend?

  You see this isn’t about your rights, it is about obey God. It is about pleasing Him versus pleasing the flesh.

Where will you draw the line?

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