a type of prodigal

They are big denominations now. But they were built up by the sacrifice of many missionaries and early saints. In planning for the future, wise leaders planted trees, started schools and businesses to help with later operational costs.

PersonBut new, young, leaders have come in and seen the forests, and schools fees coming in and stripped it bear. They have done much like that son did in Luke – “Father I want my inheritance.” and then squandered it. Rather than taking the possession of their spiritual fathers and grandfathers and using them to grow more fruit and ways to sustain ministries, they have sold almost all of it.

They have left a school without ways to pay staff and build for future needs. They have not heard the voices of the congregations under them. But they have looked at what makes them look good on the outside. They have tried to please others and imitate what they see around them.  But soon and very soon, they will be feeding pigs.  Starving and struggling to survive, and then they may come back and mimic humility to ask for help.

  But even if we celebrate the change in heart, the inheritance has been spent.  God give us wisdom when they repent and try to rebuild after such a huge waste of resources.


How to Love the Unlovable?

In ministry we meet many people. We teach many people. We run various ministries. Work with many leaders. Some are working on this sin and some that sin in their lives. We are all imperfect saints. We are all working on living for our Saviour – or we should be.  We have different personalities, backgrounds, training, experiences. All of these combine to make us who we are and help us in what we do.

Picture1 (1)But there are some people in this family of God that are just hard to get along with!  Maybe I’m one of them, but then again, I strive not to be.  I’m talking about those ones that come to help and then stand around doing nothing. The ones that talk about people behind their backs. The ones that judge others refusing to the see how far they’ve come. The ones that live in sin purposefully. The ones that blatantly ignore certain commands of God.

You can fill in the blanks with names of your circle or with other areas that are just frustrating. 

God give us patience as we deal with these people. We are in ministry we are supposed to love them. We are supposed to train them. We are supposed to be there for them. But sometimes they don’t want our help. They don’t listen to our advice. They bluntly tell us off. Then what?

When you see a brother or sister harming another in ministry, what do you do?  Do you stand up for them? Do you fight back in a sinful manner? 

Do you pray for them? Do you love them?

I don’t have the answers to these frustrating situations. I know that we each need to look at ourselves and make sure we aren’t being those stubborn saints harming those around us. We need to make sure that we aren’t judging. We need to seek to love as Christ loved us. We need His Spirit to work in and through us, empowering us to love and keep on giving even when it seems impossible.

And there are days when we need to find the support of godly men and women and get their advice on how to handle a situation.