In the village of Africa, it doesn’t take time for word to spread.  In a very short time everyone knows about a funeral and comes to mourn. That is a plus side of the village grape vine.   The negative side is that in a couple days, everyone knows that someone had an affair, or is expecting, or has AIDS, or had a fight with their wife, etc…

In the church, we must handle discipline situations.  There are times when someone sins and they must be disciplined.  The pastor and elders usually deal with such things and very little is done publicly. But too often the congregation wants to gossip. We love to talk about fellow siblings who have fallen into sin. 

Too often, when the issue has been dealt with and finished by the elders, the gossip keeps it fresh.  Shame on us for not letting things drop. For not trusting the elders to handle the situations. We are all nosey little busy-bodies. We want to know more, we want to be informed of every little detail.

Rather than letting a situation work itself out and healing take place, we keep digging into the wound over and over again.


a team problem

So to be in missions means you work with people. You have those that send you, those that work with you, and those to whom you minister. Any ministry involves people. Missions involves people of several cultures all together. Our cultural difference make it more difficult.

As a team we work to minister to a people group. But we have different modes and goals and different ideas to get the job done. This means that sometimes we will clash. But How we strive to work in unity is important. Scripture is clear that we should strive to keep the unity of the Spirit. So why do we tear each other apart? Why do we hold meetings on the side about this person or that person. Why do we gossip against our fellow workers.

How can we serve faithfully if we are not setting the same goals and working toward them together. But often each person has their own ministry goals and job. To have one person as a head of the mission is hard because we each have desire to dominate. So we must remain humble.