Whose Fault Is It Anyways?

I have recently listened to a message about Taking Responsibility.  It makes me think. Where am I lazy? Where am I judgmental? 

When I judge others and criticize them, am I also to blame?  Are all my ramblings on this blog only blaming others and not taking the responsibility for my actions?

In missions we have views and philosophies but in the end, there is no One answer on How.  I know that the nationals will always find some fault in whatever approach we take.  I hope that in the end they don’t just criticize our approach but come to see the God we serve, alive and working in us.  May they see our love and compassion, even if we have a weird approach to serving them.

new manMay we as missionaries analyze our focus, work, ministries, and attitudes before the Lord more than we analyze the faults of the culture or nationals whom we are sent to serve. May we be open to His guiding in changing us to better serve Him and others.   May we be willing to make changes in our ministry focus or the way we spend our time so that we can better serve. 

May we not just play the blame-game of Us and Them.  Sometimes that is how missionaries always talk. “They do things this way.”  We try to teach “Them”,etc.…

We are all part of the Body of Christ and maybe we need to be more inclusive and say all of us.