Quit Your Griping!

nocplHow often I need to be reminded of this.  Phil 2:14  No grumbling or complaining allowed!  These two words can be translated many ways: murmuring, disputing, questioning, protest, argument, reasoning, dissension, grudging, or contentious spirit.  Ouch! 

I don’t want to be this person that is a grouch, grump, whiner, moaner, groaner, bellyacher, nitpicker, nag, objector, protestor, critical, etc…

My dictionary mentions the number one antonym of complaining is PRAISE!!  I want to always spread joy and love and a smile to those around me.  I want to be considered content and peaceful by those I meet.  I want to find whatever is praiseworthy in a situation. (Phil 4:8)  In fact if I put this list of “whatevers” in the forefront of my mind, I won’t be able to complain so much.

WHATEVER IS:   True; Honest (honorable, noble, wins respect, worthy of reverence); Right/Just (upright, righteous); Pure (holy); Lovely (beautiful, amiable, loveable); of Good Report (gracious, valuable, good repute); of Virtue (excellent, worthy); Worthy of Praise (Honor).         THINK ON THESE THINGS

This list is enough for me to work on without having time to complain or grumble!

So how to I deal with the crummy situations that I come across?  When life is tough what can I say?  When I’ve been hurt or offended, how do I handle that?

Clipart Illustration of a White Person Holding His Arms Out With A Green Check Mark And A Red X In His Hands, Symbolizing Approval And DenialIf it’s in Scripture that we can do all things without grumbling or complaining, then we must be able to do so. As with any sin, it is a choice we make to Obey or not to Obey Scripture. If I think of most of my conversations of this past week, how many times was I whining about how I felt physically, emotionally or spiritually? 

I must learn to bite my tongue when these thoughts come up in my mind to complain about a situation or person.  I must be discrete when I talk about situations with others so that it isn’t just griping.  Sometimes I need to seek counsel about how to deal with a situation and then I may have to list things that are faults but there is a difference between that and complaining.

There are times when I, as a missionary, just don’t like things in the local culture, but I need not complain. I need to face them and learn to be content.  How can I be ministering to a people that I’m always complaining about?  How can my light shine when I’m covering it in my grumblings.

Recently I was around someone that constantly complained about people and about their physical illness and their situations.  I found myself avoiding them after time because that attitude burned in my gut and made me sick in a way. 

Be careful not to surround yourself with those that are whiners and critical all the time.  Find friends that focus on the good and praiseworthy things.