Too Much Information!

IMG_0878I’m here to talk about the internet.  I know there are many who have talked about social media and how it is hurting people by stealing time, etc…  But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the plethora of information we now have access to.

When I prepare a study, I find myself researching what others have already put on paper about my subject.  I hope that their research will save me time. It does in a way. But I am the type of person that shops methodically. I check all the stores and compare the products and prices for days before I make a decision. 

The internet let me shop for information the way I shop for shoes. I can read everyone’s view, study, idea, picture, etc… It has helped me a lot, but sometimes I wonder if I would just buckle down with my Bible and commentaries, maybe I would come up with something just as good and save time! 

So now I ponder, do I have too much information at my fingertips?  Am I glorifying God in my preparations or am I wasting time?