cross cultural and international internet dating?

LOL, I had a serious marriage proposal last week.  It is common to have proposals, but they are usually in passing. This one was thought out and involved church leaders.  Yet it was so “wrong”. He was from a culture I know a bit of, but not much. I am from a culture he knows nothing of.  So there were several taboos in the first couple minutes of the conversation.  Like rather than just introducing yourself and getting to know someone. After telling me his name, he said He wanted to marry me!  Whoa!!  I had never met him before and he had seen me for like 10 minutes during which I translated for someone for 3 of those minutes. I was gracious and let him down nicely—I hope.  We’ll see if I continue getting phone calls.  How awkward.

Sadly this guy and many of the nationals I work with have no clue what I mean when I say there are too many cultural differences.

We had a good laugh about it, but then someone said, “You should really go home so that you can get married.”  I was taken back for a bit and then brushed off that phrase from a fellow expat.  But it stuck with me.  I wanted to lash out and say, “So I should put marriage ahead of God in my life?”  But I dropped it.

C360_2014-02-08-16-36-36-10585% of single missionaries are women. Most of us are “doomed” to stay old maids until we die. But yet we have chosen to serve and that is a blessing. We can serve with our entire self and time because we don’t have a family to care for.  Scripture talks about this.  Yet I know people who won’t come to the field because the want to be married. So, they sit in the US and wait….

Ironically I just learned about a new website — internet dating for missionaries only!  That’s scary. Cool, but scary.  you can check it out if you’d like — Called together.  How many of us will actually sign up?  Are we really that desperate?  Will some who are in the US just waiting take the bait?