He Works in the Little Things

Do you see all of the ways that God is working around you? We are quick to notice the big ways but so often ignorant of the little things.

We are quick to Praise Him for keeping us safe in some accident or healing us from a life-threatening illness.  He is amazing and powerful.  But are you thankful for how He brings out the sun each morning. How He brings little wildflowers our, or lets you see a beautiful sunset.  I wonder how many little things we don’t even notice.

His timing is perfect. He sets things up so that I receive a letter from Home full of encouragement the same day that some bad news comes my way in work.  He brings a Scripture verse up in my morning devotions which then pops up in church or Bible study later.

  He sends someone on a bike down a dirt path at the perfect time to have him help change my flat tire in the middle of no where.

God’s timing is perfect. I don’t remember who said it, but I love the quote. “He is working from eternity for eternity.” 

Do you have any stories of how He has worked in little ways in your life?