To fight the good fight

GlobalAwakening_ONSo we know that when we come to the mission field it is not going to be easy. We know that we will have physical hindrances as well as spiritual and emotional ones.  We come out all gung-ho to fight the spiritual warfare and win. 

We are sold out for the Lord, we are ready to face whatever may come our way.  But then…

Problems come up and we don’t know how to take them.  We often don’t recognize these little issues as spiritual attacks. We think of them as issues with people or living conditions. We forget that it isn’t about you or me and that person that is hurting you, but about God. 

We get into a routine of sorts and forget that God is the one we are here for and fighting for. We forget that He loves that person that is hurting us and we came to minister to them. We get defensive and try to stand our ground, rather than submitting to what God has in plan for us. 

Don’t forget your first purpose in coming to the field.  You will get distracted by people who are against you. You get distracted by just living in a tough environment. You get distracted by situations that seem to frustrate and just be wrong.  Fight the fight of faith, not emotions, physical situations, personnel conflicts, etc…

Where is your passion for the lost, for the weak brothers and sisters in Christ. Laugh and rely on God, don’t become cynical.  Remember why you came. Focus on the Lord and not on your problems.

download (3) 1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold on eternal life, to which you are also called and have professed a good profession before many witnesses.



This blog will be my ramblings, musing, funny stories, and other thoughts.

Some posts will be sad, others pensive, others funny, but mostly they will be from my heart and true.

 Somethings cannot be shared publicly but under anonymity I hope to set things out there.  This is not to shame anyone in the mission field. Rather to open things up. It is not to be a grumbling or griping page. Rather a behind the scenes look at what goes on on the heart and life of a missionary.