So we work with nationals. We came to teach them and help them grow spiritually. At what point do we had things over to their leadership?  In that transition stage it seems that we have a tough time.

Originally we were the parents raising our kids, but now they want to be the parents.  They want us to keep providing for them but they want to make decisions.  We want to slowly hand over things and lesson financial support so that they can be self-supported.

The complication comes in when their leadership wants to take possession of power and possessions without losing their support from us.  When we set up a way to make it work over time, they put their foot down and want the here and now.

They want material help now but now the long term sustainability.  In areas they have been given control, they are starting to fall apart. Then they beg for our help to save them. But yet they want to stand on their own.

So when we offend them, they go after our leaders. They don’t take our decisions as coming from our headquarters overseas and think it is an agenda from us personally. They begin blaming us for taking things into our own hands and making a profit with “their” money.

What a frustrating transition, from old-school mission philosophy to newer ideas.  There are always changes in mission philosophy and this is another step.

When there are conflicts between nationals and missionaries it causes missionaries to be discouraged and want to start afresh somewhere else. We forget our call from the Lord and get frustrated at the situations.