multi-cultural interaction

Over the past few days I was travelling. I was amazed at how many different people I interacted with from different countries.  It’s a big world out there.

Some are people that I’ve known for years and met up with again. Others are people that I met for a day and others are people who crossed my path for a few weeks.  These interactions are cool to me.  Yes there is a language barrier many times, but still we communicate.  I am thankful to be a native English speaker though.  Some of them share similar cultures in dress, food, lifestyle. While others come from a very different background.  It doesn’t take long to figure out that those I find the most in common with are fellow Christians.  We have a bond that is strong.

In missions, there are many hellos and good-byes.  It’s fun and sad at the same time.  Some times you know that you will never meet again on this side of Heaven. Other times you feel like you’ve made a contact that could be useful in the future for a visit to another country.

Sometimes you pour your heart out in explanation to them about life and missions. Other times you remain reserved and say very little knowing that most of it will be too hard for them to understand.